Yoga club offers instruction and relaxation on Friday afternoons


Students get into the warrior pose in the Student Commons during the second meeting of the Yoga Club. Senior Annie Rubin (not pictured) instructs club members and math teacher Ms. Geralyn Ganzekaufer is the faculty advisor.

Emma Brezel , Staff Writer

I was a little nervous the first time I walked into the yoga club.  Just a couple of months prior, I had managed to get a negative six on my V-sit and reach so the thought of doing anything remotely related to flexibility terrified me.  But as soon as I walked into the sunny commons on Feb. 7 for the yoga club’s second meeting, my nerves eased.  I was able to enjoy a relaxing yet challenging yoga class.

Senior Annie Rubin started the club as her senior experience project.  Rubin became involved with yoga when she was in fourth grade, and, last summer, she decided to further her training by becoming a certified instructor in Vinyasa Yoga.

“I decided to become a yoga instructor because I wanted to share the amazing feeling that I got from practicing yoga with other people.  I also wanted to deepen my own practice by learning all the aspects of yoga,” said Rubin.

“It is clear to everyone how dedicated Annie is to teaching yoga,” said senior Rebecca Herz.  “She worked the entire summer for her teaching certification, and has not only learned the practice, but has incorporated yoga into her life off the mat.”

The club meets every Friday at 3:15 in the Commons and runs for an hour.   For those of you who are on a budget or can’t make it to evening yoga classes at Yoga Life or Om Sweet Om, the yoga club is a great alternative.  Wear your comfiest clothing, bring a yoga mat, and you’re good to go!

“Yoga club offers free classes and practice time to both students and staff, and possibly in the future, guided meditations.  A lot of people are turned off from yoga because of the high price of classes, so I feel that free classes are great—for me to practice teaching and for students to get free yoga,” said Rubin.

The yoga club, which welcomes students and teachers of all skill levels, is also a great place to improve your overall health.  Athletes, do not dismiss yoga—it is great for strength-training and increasing flexibility.

“I had never really tried yoga before, but this class was perfect for a beginner.  At some points it was challenging, but Annie encourages everyone to go at their own pace and do what is comfortable for them,” said senior Dana Mirro.

“High school can be a particularly stressful time, especially for seniors who are applying to colleges.  Yoga is a great stress reliever.  It promotes confidence, calmness and helps to foster general healthy glowing feelings.  It can even help you create better relationships,” said Rubin.