Captain’s Corner: John Crawley

Dan Miranda, Sports Editor

Dan Miranda: It’s a pleasure to have you here.


John Crawley: It’s a pleasure to be here, Dan.


DM: What are you looking forward to this season?


JC: I’m looking forward to a great year. We looked good in the first couple of scrimmages we had this year, and honestly, we’re coming out as good as we were last year.


DM: What sacrifices have you had to make on your journey as a lacrosse player?


JC: My biggest sacrifice was giving up both football and wrestling because I’ve grown up loving both of those sports.


DM: Tell me a little bit about your pregame warm-ups and rituals.


JC: We all try to definitely stretch out, drink some water and then Gatorade. After this is completed, we run the base paths and I take a few snaps. We like to get all the sports involved.


DM: That’s nice. Who are some of your favorite personalities on the team this season?


JC: Kyle Calenda is definitely one of the gutsiest kids. Last week in a scrimmage, one of the boys got into an altercation, but Kyle was the first guy over there. Louis Girgenti also comes out every day and brings his heart to the field.


DM: The lacrosse squad seems pretty close. What does the team do to bond outside of games?

JC: There are all different ways to get the team closer together. Bonding time is mostly spent after practice; we try to get some nice tunes playing. We also go to Five Guys. It is a nice squad.


DM: What are some of your favorite songs?


JC: I don’t really supply the playlists, but I go with anything that gets my juices going. Anything with a techno beat, anything that gets weird–as long as it gets fast and loud–I’m good with it.


DM: On a more serious note, how will Jake Froccaro’s absence to this season’s team going to affect the performance on the field?


JC: Jake was one of the best players I’ve ever played with, but honestly, now that everyone’s more mature, everyone’s a little bit older, and our goalie is no longer in middle school, things are starting to click. Honestly, Jake is a big loss, but this season we have a more well-rounded team.


DM: Thanks for joining me, John. Hope to see you guys in the playoffs.


JC: Thanks for having me.