Managers play role in varsity sports success

Seth Barshay, Staff Writer

When most students think of any of Schreiber’s varsity sports teams, the coach and the players are all that come to mind.

Yet, there are many other people who are integral to the success of an athletic squad, including the team’s managers.

The manager of a varsity sports team has a plethora of responsibilities during practice as well as game day that are essential to the improvement and consistency of a team.

Every one of Schreiber’s varsity teams includes the manager position.  Managers practice with the team in order to gain more experience.

Junior Oren Mizrahi, manager of the varsity basketball team, was happy with his role and responsibilities on the team.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to work out with the team and improve for next year,” said Mizrahi.

As manager, he was mainly required to fill in during scrimmages when players were unable to take part in them.  In addition, Mizrahi filmed all games so the team could study themselves and their opponents.

Mizrahi hopes that his role will allow him to gain experience and improve his skills, to make next year’s varsity roster.

“I am close with the players and enjoy practicing with them and Coach Dooley is always willing to help me when I need it,” said Mizrahi.

For sophomore Victoria Gorman, the position of the manager of Schreiber’s cheerleading squad is very enjoyable.

Voted by her fellow cheerleaders as manager, Gorman’s responsibilities mostly involve making sure the squad is happy.  Her technical responsibilities include checking that their music is correct and doing her teammates’ hair and makeup.

“I would have to say the most rewarding aspect is to see all of the girls smiling and happy at the end of each game,” said Gorman.  “I feel so important.  I love that feeling when we all come into a group hug and everyone says thank you.  Cheering is basically our life.  We try so hard for the halftime games and we love our school and fans.”

On the boys swim and dive team, a group of female managers help with the activity of the team.

As managers, this group records times for the swimmers, and work the scoring table during meets, which they must attend.

Senior Ellie Zolotarev, has been a manager on the team for six years, since she was in only seventh grade.

“I initially started managing so I could practice during the winter and stayed on because I made a lot of close friends and I loved spending time in the swimming environment,” said Zolotarev.  “It’s incredibly rewarding to see my friends and teammates improve and gain personal as well as team victories.”

“It is a good feeling that you are helping someone. It’s exciting to watch the races and cheer them on,” said junior Izzy Fagen, another manager of the team.  “I think it is fun to watch the swimmers and to compare the girls team dynamic to the boys.”

Although managers are not listed in the scorebooks or compete in any games, they play an integral role toward their team’s success.

A prime example of the managerial position paying off is junior Tyler Hertzwig. Hertzwig was the manager of the junior varsity baseball team freshman year, and is now a starting pitcher for varsity. He attributted his recent success to the opportunites he was given that year in a more competitive environment.

“Being a manager gave me the opportunity to hone my skills even though I couldn’t play during games, and it’s one of the reasons I made the varsity team this year,” said Hertzwig.