Chelsea District becomes art classroom

Lena Kogan, Staff Writer

Art students recently got a taste of city life on a trip to galleries in New York City’s Chelsea District and the High Line. On April 16, Ms. Miranda Best’s Sculpture and Ceramics class and Ms. Marisa DeMarco’s Advanced Painting class joined Mr. Peter Koch’s Video Production students for the trip.

The Sculpture and Advanced Painting students visited a variety of contemporary art galleries while Mr. Koch’s students created videos using the Chelsea streets and the New York High Line as backdrops.

“It was a great day,” said Ms. Best.  “We saw a lot of beautiful and exciting artwork, everyone had a great time.”

Students began their trip by viewing an exhibition of geometric abstract pieces by Bernd Ribbeck in the Harris Leiberman Gallery.

“I thought it was much more enjoyable than I expected,” said sophomore Carmen Kam. “The exhibitions really blew my mind.”

Following this, the classes visited  a collection called “Phantom Pain” by Susanna Heller at Magnan Metz Gallery.  Susanna Heller explores the lives of amputees and their physical and emotional experiences during recovery through a variety of abstract paintings and drawing pieces.   Students also viewed a collection of minimalist pieces by Luke Diiorio at the Ana Cristea Gallery.  Additionally, the building featured a collection of watercolor city scenes by Christopher St. Leger in the George Billis Gallery, located on the lower level.

“Seeing all the artwork really motivates to make my own art better,” said junior Samara Walsh.  “I especially liked the surrealism, I really enjoyed the style.”

The Sculpture and Ceramics class saw a selection of contemporary Japanese ceramics at the Onishi Gallery.  The gallery contained a variety of vessels by contemporary artists along with several oil paintings on wood, embracing the Japanese art technique and style.

“You really get inspired by it all,” said sophomore Ethan Bookstein. “Overall, the trip was very nice.”

While the art classes explored Chelsea’s many galleries, Mr. Koch’s students looked for inspiration outdoors.

“It was educational, but a lot of fun at the same time,” said sophomore Gabriel Mora.

Students filmed clips as they explored the gardens above the city. Groups moved freely along New York City’s High Line, which spans sixteen streets of urban life.

The videos they created on their trip are to be part of a project they will continue in class.  The students went on to enjoy lunch in Chelsea, where everyone was allowed to explore the various shops and get a taste of true urban life.  The art classes also explored the High Line later, where everyone enjoyed their lunches outdoors.

“It was really nice weather and I loved the High Line Park very much,” said Kam.  “It’s always really nice to eat lunch in the park, and it was the perfect way to conclude our trip.”