Holly Hubsher: Athlete of the Month


Senior Holly Hubsher took last season off but has quickly regained her form to help the Vikings go 5-1 this season.

Hannah Zweig, Managing Editor

Holly Hubsher’s stance is set. Her expression is focused and her technique disciplined.  While most of Schreiber knows senior Holly Hubsher as the bubbly Student Council executive officer, few could have pegged her for the aggressive competitor she is on the court.  The birdie is launched and she smashes it over the net, earning another point for her duo with fellow senior, Laura deBruin.

Hubsher’s interest in badminton piqued during gym class at Weber, where gym teacher Ms. Francine Clark recognized her talent for the sport.

“I started playing badminton at Weber as part of gym and I loved it.  I always beat Ms. Clark, so she told me to try out for  the team.  I tried out sophomore year and I made it,” said Hubsher.

But badminton became more than just an off-season pastime for tennis-player Hubsher.  She was quickly drawn in by the world of shuttlecocks (otherwise known as birdies) and racquets.

“People underestimate us all the time but we are definitely a competitive team.  We are seeded first in Conference I,  and we won the counties last year–so we can obviously compete,” said Hubsher.

Despite their competitive edge, the team has formed a real camaraderie that adds to their success both on and off the court.

“Even though badminton is an individual sport we definitely treat it like a team sport,” said Hubsher.  “Dr. O’Connor as a coach really rallies us together, we work out as a team, we practice as a team and he definitely puts the team spirit in us so we think of it as a team sport. When one of us loses, we all lose.  When one of us wins, we all win.”

This year the Lady Vikings will once again be competing in Conference I, and they have high hopes for success

“So far we are 5-1,” said Hubsher.  “Calhoun is our biggest rival.  Last year we tied with them for Conference champions and  this year the  rivalry continues.  We look forward to meeting and beating them again in the finals.”