Moolala adds to the long list of frozen yogurt establishments in Port


Moolala provides variety through its self-service program at both the frozen yogurt machines and the toppings bar, much like Port’s other fro-yo establishments.

Alexa Pinto, Staff Writer

If Port Washington were on Jeopardy, the question “Things we have too much of in Port” would  be answered, “What is frozen yogurt?”

Some might roll their eyes at the news of Moolala’s recent opening this past March, but it has proven to be a delicious new addition to the frozen yogurt stores in town.  Located at 11 Old Shore Road, Moolala is finally bringing the joy of creamy frozen yogurt to the people of Soundview and Manorhaven.

Although the store has 14 flavors available at all times, its flavors vary and are usually far more interesting than the average frozen yogurt—cinnamon bun, fudge brownie batter, caramel pretzel, and raspberry cheesecake.  Dozens of toppings are also available for customers, ranging from Captain Crunch cereal, mango and strawberry boba beads, jelly rings, rainbow cookies, nuts, coconut, chocolate crunchy syrup, gummy candy, fresh fruit, chocolate, and waffle cones.

“Moolala is my pride and joy,” said senior Josh Gordon, a Moolala employee.  “There are more toppings than other places, and the staff is definitely friendlier with a better atmosphere.  I also work there.”

“Even though there are a lot of other places in town, Moolala’s yogurt is definitely more natural, and we offer a lot of different varieties than other places might.  The amount of toppings we have is also incredible, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy here,” said senior Sara Maranelli, who also works at Moolala.

Unlike many of its competitors, Moolala caters to a variety of dietary needs.  All of its products are kosher, and several are gluten free.  In addition, they offer non fat, low fat, no sugar added, and nondairy sorbet yogurt options.  Like other frozen yogurt places, Moolala charges by the weight of the yogurt.  It is still less expensive than competitors 16 Handles and Twisted.

Moolala has special dividers for the frozen yogurt cups, making it possible to divide different flavors and convenient for others to share yogurt or to avoid mixing flavors.  Water bottles, juice and vitamin water are also available at Moolala for thirsty customers.

“Yeah, Moolala was delicious.  The Nutella topping was by far a favorite of mine, and I love how you can self-serve to make it exactly what you want,” said senior Ali Peltz.

Although three other frozen yogurt places already exist in the town, managers Robert and Danielle Rosenberg said that it was an easy decision to open a Moolala in Port Washington.

“We live nearby, and think that Port Washington is such a nice, quaint town on the water, and would be a perfect location opposite to our south shore location in Merrick,” said Ms. Rosenberg.

In addition to frozen yogurt and sorbet, Moolala also offers custom cakes for birthdays and other celebrations, ranging in size from six to ten inches starting at $24.99.  Flying saucers and canolis are also available in an assortment of frozen yogurt flavors from $6.99 to $8.99, which a customer can bring home as a treat.