Rachel Cho, Assistant News Editor

What is the best way to throw a frisbee? Using a robot.

The Robotics Club recently participated in a competition at Hofstra University from April 4 to 6. On the first day, the students set up, and on the second and third days the qualifying and final rounds occurred.

“There is always a great vibe that the people there give off.  Everyone at the US robotics competition is always nice, and they practice gracious professionalism,” said junior Dustin Travis.

The competition required each team to build a robot that could complete a certain task. Robots had to throw a frisbee in three goals, and points were awarded according to the throw’s height.  Travis and junior Erin Griller controlled the robot.

“It was very interesting and fun because you can work with other people,” said sophomore Adam Hussein.  “Also, it was cool because you can see what other people ideas regarding the competition are.”

The club placed 29th out of 50 teams.

“The six-week build season was definitely worth it and in my opinion the competition is more fun than any other school event for me since it is so lively and interactive,” said Travis.