individual choice would foster students’ love of reading

Maddie Cohen, Staff Writer

In English classes at Schreiber, the reading list of books for the year is provided for students.

Obviously, it is very important for students to read books, but a set reading list discourages students from enjoying reading.

“Students should definitely be able to choose what books they want to read because it helps students to be more engaged and interested in their classes,” said junior Catherine Tasnady.  “For example, I didn’t like reading Macbeth, and this stopped me from reading other Shakespeare plays on my own.  I would much rather have opportunities to select a book that I would be able to relate to more.”

Students should have more freedom and should be able to select more of their own books.

“I think that it is good for students to choose their own books because it allows them to read something they enjoy,” said freshman Chloe Silverstein.  “It also helps build character for the future by showing them what they like and dislike.”

Without a doubt, one of the main roles of English classes is to introduce students to great works of literature, old and new, that they may not otherwise be exposed to.

Still, students should be required to read some selections from teachers in order to broaden their perspectives, but should be allowed to pick some of the books  in order to learn more about genres they enjoy or want to explore.

“Choice is important and we encourage it through honors projects and independent reading assignments,” said English teacher Mr. Corey Block.  “Not to mention that most teachers in the English Department are willing to talk about any books for any reason, so read something you like and come tell us about it.  But there is a lot to be said for an instructor choosing texts and guiding students through those texts with a purpose.  Hopefully students will then be empowered to keep choosing their own books long after they leave Schreiber.”

Although in English classes themselves, it may seem that opportunites to choose books are limited, students do in fact have many opportunities to select their own reading materials.

Teachers sometimes need to guide and push their students when it comes to reading different types of literature from a variety of genres.

It is important for students to choose their own books because they will not only take pleasure in reading but they will learn about topics they are interested in.

Then, students will become more confident readers ready for their academic and literary futures.