New found love in this season of New Girl


Jessica (Zooey Deschanel) cooks food for her new romantic interest Nick (Jake Johnson). This new season of New Girl features more quirky situations with some of the most beloved characters on network tv.

Amelia Pacht, Contributing Writer

Zooey Deschanel, the poster girl for all things quirky, is the star of the hit series New Girl, on FOX.  During the pilot, Jess moved into a loft with three men to escape a brutal breakup.  Though rooming with three men is definitely unconventional for a young female, Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston make for a dynamic quartet.  Nick Miller is an angry bar tender who dropped out of law school, and Schmidt, Nick’s adversary, is a successful marketing agent and Nick’s former college roommate. His condescending confidence adds another level of hilarity to the group dynamic.  Only after a tough break up with Cece, Jess’s supermodel best friend, does the audience see the softer side of Schmidt.  Winston, the former professional European basketball player and Nick’s childhood best friend, is the most gentle and kind male character of the group.  Overall, the character’s unique personalities make for an eclectic and humorous half hour sitcom.

In the most recent season (season three), the anticipated romance between Jessica Day (Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) finally evolves.  What had once started as palpable sexual tension between the two came into full effect during the “Cooler” episode as the awaited kiss between the duo finally comes alive.  However, at the cost of their late night fling, Jess and Nick’s on screen kiss accumulates tension throughout the entire loft.  In the episodes that follow, Schmidt and Winston instantly learn of what happened between the two and take it upon themselves to assess what they should do.  In “Parking Spot,” Schmidt is infuriated by what he now understands to be the new relationship between Nick and Jess.  He also shares that the kiss the two shared was a violation of a contract signed by the three men in the loft when Jess moved in with them.  In an attempt to remedy the situation, Schmidt kisses Jess, ultimately worsening the situation.

Over the course of the last eight episodes, the romantic relationship between Nick and Jess develops but, as with the rest of the series, each episode seems to take on a completely alternate perspective.  The audience only get’s a glimpse of what next week’s episode will endure.  For example, in the episode entitled “Chicago,” Jess and the boys go to Nick’s family home to mourn the passing of his father.  The episode underscores Nick’s family history and hardly even mentions the status of his romantic fling.  However, after a hiatus of their unspoken fling, the episode entitled “First Date” finally permits Nick and Jess to really explore what they mean to each other as they go on a series of attempted first dates over the course of one evening.

By the end of the episode, viewers will come to realize that the couple we’ve waited to evolve for seasons is clearly not yet ready for a real relationship at this point.  There is still hope for a Nick and Jess on screen power couple to emerge within the episode to follow. Ultimately, Jess, shakes up the atmosphere of the loft in season three.  With this new advance for the plot, the sudden contributions are aspects that most viewers are happy to stand behind as the prospect of the Nick and Jess relationship is one that really drives this season of New Girl.