The Rachel Zoe Project


Even in the most casual occasions, Rachel Zoe is known for always dressing over the top.

Penina Remler, Assistant A&E Editor

Though some people hear the word “bananas” and think “fruit,” Rachel Zoe fans can immediately recognize the stylist’s unique lingo and know she means amazing.

Welcoming its fifth season on the Bravo network, The Rachel Zoe Project continues to enlighten and entertain fashion frenzied fans through Zoe’s obsession for couture.

Although Zoe started her career as just another celebrity stylist, her success on the red carpet quickly transformed her into an iconic fashion figure.  Since her emergence into stardom, Zoe not only represents successful actresses such as Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lawrence, but she has also extended her expertise and success into new ventures beyond styling.

Continuing with the same theme as season four, season five of The Rachel Zoe Project follows Rachel as she  controls and develops  her very own clothing line, while simultaneously welcoming a new addition into her family, “Baby Sky-Sky.”

With the help of her husband and business partner, Roger, Zoe manages to run an emerging fashion company and still make time to enjoy her son Skylar’s first moments.

Zoe’s appearance presents  her to be as classic as her vintage Chanel,  yet her lifestyle is anything but.

While her obsession and  dedication to fashion remains consistent throughout the show, Zoe’s success simply does not occur without some repeated  sense of drama.  Whether it be a shipment malfunction, urgent request or missing clothing item, the mishaps Zoe and her style team endure often escalate to over-the-top absurdities.

Although sometimes ridiculous, such dramas ultimately help us to conclude that Zoe’s career as a fashion guru is more than just pure fun and games. Additionally, Zoe’s success would be nowhere without the help of her supportive staff known as the “Zoe Team.”

Compared to previous seasons which cycled from one celebrity styling session to another, Zoe’s recent successes have completely amped up the show’s context.

Despite the media’s petty criticism upon the accalimed stylist, Rachel Zoe continues to develop respect from fans and shape her role in the evolutionary world of fashion.