Athlete of the Month: Hannah Rosen

Athlete of the Month: Hannah Rosen

Rosen’s boat placed second at the Row for Autism event on April 21.

Eric Fishbin, Staff Writer

Although she was formerly part of the girls varsity basketball team,  junior Hannah Rosen decided to make the leap from the court to the water last spring after a friend convinced her to give it a try.  Now, thoughts of three-pointers have been replaced by dreams of regattas.

Despite her recent transition, Rosen has emerged as a leading force in her boat, the top 8-varsity boat.  Teamwork, dedication, and a desire to win are just a few of the “un-coachable” intangibles Rosen possesses in her one year of rowing experience.

“Her talent for the sport has really blossomed and her work ethic is unyielding,” said Coach Briana Pittman.  “If I could describe her as a rower in one word, it would have to be fierce.  She is a strong rower that is willing to go the distance.  Hannah contributes immensely.  She encourages her teammates to push harder so when  the time comes, the final push at the end of a regatta will be easier.”

Ms.  Pittman was a member of the United States Junior National Team in 2006 and rowed for the University of Wisconsin for four years.  Rosen looks to be on a similar path, already having several college recruiters contact her.

Not only does Rosen bring a competitive spirit to the regattas, but she also contributes the occasional light-hearted, comedic relief after draining practices.

“Although for the majority of time we are working very hard, there are points when we need breaks and Hannah is usually the one to entertain the team with her great sense of humor,” added Coach Pittman.

Much like the boys and girls track seasons, the crew seasons is actually split into three parts: fall, spring, and summer.  Rosen has participated in each one this year, and, always improving, recently broke her own personal record for a 2-kilometer race, achieving a time of 7 minutes and 49 seconds.

Most recently, Hannah’s boat placed fifth at the Northeast regional championships on May 18.

“The competitions and regattas have been really fun.  As a team we have improved greatly over the past couple of months.  We continue to look to improve on our previous race, and get better as the season progresses,” said Rosen.