Captain’s Corner: Boys Track and Field

Max Miranda, Staff Writer

Max Miranda: Thank you guys for taking the time to sit down with me.

Leo Potters: You’re welcome, no problem.

Adam Gatehouse: No problem.

MM: How does a normal practice work?

AG: We start with warmups, usually like a four-lap warmup around the track, and then we’ll go to our usual areas to start stretching.

LP: Yeah, the stretches can range from fluent movements to dynamic movements.

Joe Featherston: After our warmups we go into our workout for the day, which usually differs based on whether you’re a distance runner or a sprinter, then we do a cool down.

MM: Which events do you guys specialize in?

AG: I do shot put and discus. Joey is a sprinter (400-800m), and Leo is a long-distance guy (800m to a mile).

MM: I once ran like an entire mile, without stopping—I think I almost died. How do you do it every day?

LP: You just keep going. It’s fun once you get used to it.

MM: Have you guys been successful thus far?

JF:  Well, there’s 10 to 15 meets and  we won our first league meet this year so that’s exciting.

MM: Is there an underlying competition between your team and the girls track and field team?

JF: It’s a friendly rivalry and unfortunately the girl’s won again this year.

MM: Better luck next year, I guess.What kind of commitment is being the captain?

AG: Well it’s a pretty big commitment, you’ve got to make sure that everyone’s giving their all. The team started off with over 60 members.

LP: We also started dressing up on days we have meets and ordered personalized shirts for the team so that every athlete feels like they’re under the same roof and be proud of the progress we’ve made this season.

MM: Any chance I get can one of those cool shirts?

LP: Sure, but you have to beat us all in a race first.

MM: There goes that dream. Anyway, thank you guys and good luck to you for the rest of the season.