Meet the Peeples

Madeline Fagen, Staff Writer

All Wade Walker wanted to do was catch the attention of his girlfriend’s parents.  A good first impression on a weekend trip to their scenic waterfront Sag Harbor home, and he would be on his way down the aisle.  With a ring in his pocket, a bottle of wine in hand, and his charm turned on high, Wade shows up uninvited and immediately learns that it won’t be too easy for him to achieve his goal.

The premise of this 34th Street Films and Tyler Perry production, Peeples, features Wade (Craig Robinson) on a journey to impress the family of his significant other.

Throughout the film, Robinson constantly makes any scene joyful and funny with his delightful presence and good character.

He has a notable ability to effortlessly switch between different styles of comedy to please the audience.  Wade’s girlfriend of a year, Grace Peeples (Kerry Washington), does not make the struggle to impress the parents any easier with her anxious obsession to please her tightly wound father in every possible way.

Upon arrival, things immediately start to go humorously wrong.  An attack from the family’s over-aggressive dog accompanies Wade’s surprise entrance.  An introduction to Grace’s parents, who  are completely unaware that Grace even has a boyfriend, soon follows and sets the tone for the trip.

In only one weekend, Wade manages to expose many secrets of a seemingly perfect family (the “Chocolate Kennedys”), such as a furtive lesbian sister, a thieving little brother and a midnight nudist father.

Add in the strange encounters between Wade and Judge Peeples, the interesting occurrences at the town “Moby Dick Day,” and the arguments that arise along the way, and you are set for the traditional enjoyable, laid-back romantic comedy.

Despite the lack of emotion during some scenes, the absence of humor in a couple of jokes, and a feeling of repetition at multiple moments, overall it was an amusing movie.

Viewers should expect a very generic and basic comedy and if that is what you enjoy, than it is perfect for you.

Although Peeples is not a must see or a memorable picture, it left the audience crying from laughter.