Senior experience mural adds color and concept to the art wing

Stacey Kim, Staff Writer

Students walking on the second floor may notice the fresh look of the art department hallway.  Three students, seniors Francesca Arifakis, Allison Harding, and Maxine Timm, decided to collaborate on a large mural for their senior experience project.

After obtaining initial approval from Assistant Principal Dr. Brad Fitzgerald and Principal Mr. Ira Pernick, the seniors brainstormed ideas and made several sketches for the mural that expressed their intended message. They then sent a final miniature version of the mural to both Dr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Pernick. The art department supplied art materials for sketching and painting.

The process of creating the mural took only three weeks for the seniors—less time than they had anticipated.  At first, the students sketched the previously planned design of the mural with pencils and then applied acrylicww paint, following the color scheme.  Lastly, the students did the detail work and the dark outline of the mural.

The art mural conveyed a meaning for the students who created it.  Its purpose was to represent the creative process, all kinds of exploration that the mind of a high school student goes through.  The cartoon figures that are placed between the coils of the dragon are the daydreaming process that occurs during a lecture, class, or an off period.

In addition, the English quotes, math equations, and any mechanical writings presented were meant to illustrate the thoughts a high school student would have when engaged in class.  Moreover, the swirl of the dragon symbolizes the overall energy, thought, and cycle of the creative process.

“We’ve all had that experience of being in a class, hearing a lecture or doing your homework where you almost fade in and out,” said art teacher Ms. Miranda Best.  “It illustrates the external and internal influences of high school that promote that creative process.”

The art department hopes for more murals like this in the future.

“They had a vision, an idea, that was wonderfully executed.  They’ve been very professional, prompt, and responsible about it,” said Ms. Best.  “It’s been a pleasure hosting them and it’s been a great addition to the art department.”