Letter to a retiring teacher: Mr. Placella

Amelia Pacht, Staff Writer

You are a truly integral part of Schreiber High School and as the community celebrates your retirement with you, we reminisce and reflect on your time here.  As a devoted teacher, Honor Society advisor and linguist, you have made a meaningful impact on many students who have walked the walls of Schreiber.  Language and communication are such important parts of life and education and you, along with your talented department of teachers, have been the vehicle in which this applicable knowledge has been shared.  This kind of communication makes better understanding of other cultures and peoples possible and for your tireless work in helping students to gain these essential communication, we thank you.  One such example of the influence of language in interaction with others could be seen by the looks on the faces of the students who had the opportunity to go on this year’s trip to Spain.  Submerged in the language and the culture, these students had the chance to really understand the essence of Spain, a gift you and the LOTE department gave them.  Thank you for all of your time and commitment and efforts to improve Schreiber. Your influence will be felt even in your retirement.  Thank you again and may you have many more years of the same joy you brought to your students.


Amelia Pacht