LI Business Teacher Student Competition

Stacey Kim, Staff Assistant

Two college accounting students, sophomores Noah Hirsch and Elyssa Keane, were recognized and awarded at the annual Long Island Business Teachers Competition.  The competition was hosted by the Long Island Business Teachers Association (LIBTA), and took place at Commack High School.  It was divided into several different business competitions such as Entrepreneurship, Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, Career and Financial Management, Business Law, and more.

Despite being two of the only three underclassmen in the school’s college accounting program, Hirsch and Keane were chosen by business teacher Ms. Debbie Servat to participate in the college accounting competition.

Essentially, the students had to take a long written test to compete. The tests were timed and the faster students completed them, the more points they would earn.  Generally, the test takes about twenty minutes to complete.

If there were ties, and frequently there were, various tiebreaker tests were given at the end to choose the winners.

Hirsh won first place in the college accounting competition, while Keane won second.

“Shoutout to Ms. Servat! She helped me make doing taxes less taxing,” said Hirsch.