Senior experience project “Tonical” takes the stage


Senior Tony Kim sits in the Sousa Bandshell in Sunset Park and reviews his musical script. The cast of Tonical, which Kim pioneered for his Senior Experience, rehearsed in various locales, including the band shell and the Schreiber auditorium.

Rachel Cho, News Editor

Taking full advantage of the Senior Experience program, senior Tony Kim has developed a production entitled Tonical, which tells the fictional story of Kim’s first eighteen years.  The musical is based on a biographical tale and debuted on June 4 in the auditorium.

Inspired by his love for making videos, Kim decided to use the Senior Experience as an opportunity to share his passion with the rest of the student body.  He came up with the idea for Tonical.

“What inspired me was my love for people,” said Kim. “I’m a people lover. Basically, what Tonical is going to be is about a life changing about-face. It’s going to be about souls, you step into the auditorium a boy you come out a man.  I’m not trying to sell you a play, I’m trying to give you an experience, and experiences last forever. It’s not just a play.  Come to Tonical and you will get a life changing experience, it will change you forever.”

Most of the students casted shared a class with Kim.

“I was in the same Chinese class as him, so he randomly just asked me if I wanted to be in his show,” said sophomore Ian Chu, who plays Kim’s father.

Seniors Emily and Krista Ryon edited his original script and took a leading role in creating the production, as they were both in the same AP Literature class as Kim.

Most of the cast felt working with the lead actor was a unique experience.

“I have to say it been a lot of work and it was very strange working with Tony because he is a very interesting character,” said E. Ryon.

“It was interesting working with an erratic mind like Tony’s.  He’s got a lot of ideas that he throws around,” said Chaminade senior Kevin O’Leary.  “He is a bit of a perfectionist which does not work well with our very tight-timed situation.”

The show created a significant buzz around the school, and the cast sold over 260 tickets.

“I feel likes it’s going to be really funny because Tony is really out there,” said sophomore Mirian Molina before the show.  “I am really excited and I can’t wait.”

“I’m anticipating a hilarious show but I’m not exactly sure what it is going to be about,” said junior Yeon-Jae Jo.

The cast rehearsed frequently according to their schedule and not only met in the school but also outside of school, in places such as the Sousa Bandshell located in Sunset Park.

“We are not sure how this is going to work out, if it’s a success or failure, but either way we had a lot of fun,” said K. Ryon.