Athlete of the month: Shoki Yamada

Athlete of the month: Shoki Yamada

Shoki Yamada runs the 800 meter race. Yamada also runs the mile.

Seth Barshay, Sports Editor

Many do not enjoy running. It requires energy, endurance, speed, and coordination. Some do not even consider running a sport. However, for others, it is a serious hobby and their motivation for success. The latter group would include senior Shoki Yamada, who has been on the track team during much of his high school career.

“Shoki is a very consistent runner who always performs well and works his hardest all the time,” said captain junior Leo Potters.

After a great season, Yamada won regionals, but his aspirations were set a bit higher.

“My goals are to stay healthy, go to nationals with my teammates, and be able to be proud of myself at the end of this season. So far, I have been able to have fun and work hard at the same time, so I am also proud of that,” said Yamada.

After winning regionals, he finished  in fourth place in the state qualifying race.

“I really liked how everyone worked harder than they ever have before in other years. I am very proud, and always have been proud, to be a part of the Port Washington track and field team,” said Yamada.

His fellow teammates believe in him for the future, including junior Noah White, who praised Yamada’s great work ethic.

“I’ve known Shoki for three years now and I’ve never heard a complaint out of him ever. He always shows up to practice and runs hard. He’s arguably the most consistent runner on the team—he always runs fast. He’s also a role model for the underclassmen because of his commendable work effort,” said White.

In 2011, Yamada won the Wilmer award for cross country, which goes to the runner with the most heart.

Yamada’s role model is Schreiber alumnus Marco Bertolotti. Bertolotti, Yamada’s former teammate, currently attends Stanford University and is a member of its track team.

Yamada attributes his success this season to all of his coaches and teammates, the support of his family, and his ability to stay motivated.