Bloggers are becoming major competitors on the fashion playing field

Caroline Ogulnick, Features Editor

Fashion bloggers have become some of the most prominent figures in the fashion industry.  Updating daily, bloggers give their followers a look into their everyday lives, revolved around styling, photographing, and writing.

Every year, cities such as New York, Paris, and Milan host fashion weeks, where designers display their latest collections for the next season.  This fall’s fashion weeks began on Sept. 5, and ended on Oct. 2.  Each city is given a different week, so that events do not overlap, and so that fashion icons can make appearances at all of the locations.

This year specifically, fashion bloggers have played a significant role during the fashion weeks.  Because online blogs have created such a large following, participating in fashion weeks is necessary for the success of a blog, especially because some of the biggest events in the fashion industry are hosted during this time.

Appearing at fashion weeks has not only helped each blogger promote themselves, but it has benefited major designers and brands as well.  Since many fashion blogs have a large following, top designers use bloggers as an outlet to advertise their clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Designers know that bloggers will be documenting every outfit they wear, and that their followers will be doing so as well.

Before bloggers, editors were the major players during fashion week.  Everyone would look to them for the latest feedback, and designers made sure that the most notable ones would have front row spots at their shows.  Now, the spotlight is being turned onto fashions bloggers.

In contrast to editors who usually wear black to the events, bloggers are putting on their most eye-catching outfits, and playing the roles of celebrities.

Some fashion bloggers are even landing deals with model management companies.  Next Model Management is representing twenty fashion bloggers, and blogger of We Wore What, Danielle Bernstein, was being sponsored by IMG to report from the front row at all of the shows during New York Fashion Week.

In addition to her endorsement by IGM, Bernstein was given a free Lexus to drive around from show to show, and an all-expenses-paid trip to London’s fashion week from popular clothing store Topshop.

Bloggers’ success has also led them to opportunities outside fashion week.  They are collaborating with major brands, writing books, and even becoming editors at popular magazines.  Blogger Eva Chen was recently named the editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine.

As fashion bloggers’ following continues to grow, a once recreational activity has the potential to turn into a full time job.  Many bloggers who used to hide behind the computer screen are making their dreams a reality.

“Now that I’m front and center, I kind of want to stay that way,” said Bernstein.