Drive Carefully Campaign

Ana Espinoza, News Editor

The Port Washington Police Department has partnered with the school district, local Boy and Girl Scout troops, and other community organizations to educate drivers and younger students about traffic safety and the values of safe driving.

“It is important for the community to be involved in this Traffic Safety Initiative, as we hope educating our drivers and pedestrians to the danger of distracted driving will prevent future tragedies from occurring,” said Police Commissioner Ms. Angela Mullins. “Education of the danger involved is a key factor. Our youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow, and we hope to change the culture of distracted drivers to make our community a safer place.”

The goal of the Traffic Safety Initiative and the Drive Carefully Campaign is to educate the community about poor behavior, like texting or calling and driving, walking while distracted, and disobeying traffic signals. The project aims to educate both adult and student drivers and pedestrians.

“I think it’s really important for students to learn about the dangers, as technology is ever advancing, and more and more time is spent with one’s eyes on the screen instead of eyes on reality, increasing the risk of an accident,” said junior Gabrielle Robinson.

Schreiber television production students will get involved in the campaign by creating public service announcements, which will be recorded and available online. The PWPD also hopes to utilize local news media to raise awareness in the community.

Local scout leaders will also educate their troops about traffic safety.

“Traffic safety is important to the community,” said Police Chief Mr. James Salerno, “Within our community, there are many terrific resources. By utilizing those resources, we form a team that is committed to keeping our adults and children safe on our roadways. In addition, new ideas are readily formulated through our talented partners. By encouraging community participation, I believe we can deliver a stronger message.”