Editorial: Importance of safety drills in Schreiber

School security is a major proritory for students and faculty alike.  Although the fire drills have been increasingly frequent and many teachers and students find them to be inconvient, they are necessary in this volume.

The Schreiber Times strongly believes that safety drills are an imperative caution that should not be taken lightly.

Many students, if tested, would not have adequate knowledge on proper safety procedures.

During safety drills, students often turn to their phones to play Candy Crush or send snapchats. They also participate in idle conversation and are not fully focused on mastering all of the safety procedures.

Many students lack even the slightest idea as to where to go at the sound of alarms. They rush out of their classrooms, without any idea of the fastest way to get out of the building.

Students flow through the halls with a simple herd mentality, following the pack; however, sometimes the pack is not correct.

What students don’t realize, is that in today’s world dangerous situations on school grounds are a disturbingly common reality.

There have been nearly 75 school shootings in the past ten years, and 17 in the past year alone.

It is essential for all Schreiber high school students to be educated on how to proceed during an emergency. Fast responses will ensure the safety of all students.

These drills may seem redundant, but in an emergency situation being over-prepared will help students stay calm and act rationally.  Students must learn and practice how to leave the building efficiently.

While it is reassuring that Schreiber has implemented new security systems, The Schreiber Times implores students to take such drills seriously, and to put their phones away.