Editorial: Overcrowding on school buses

Transportation to and from school is guaranteed for all students living an appropriate distance from the building.  School buses to populated areas are often crowded, but if they are occupied as they are intended to be, there is not an unsafe amount of people on board.

Some places have multiple buses assigned to take students on different routes throughout the area.

However, admittance to a bus is poorly regulated, and students can board a bus without even showing identification.

This tempts students to pick a bus that goes to an area near them or a friend just because it arrives a few minutes later in the morning or a few minutes earlier in the afternoon.

As a result, certain buses are overcrowded, with many students left to barely fit in three to a seat while the next bus approaches and begins to fill halfway.

The Schreiber Times advocates that bus drivers who know that their buses are going to be highly occupied police their boarders more strictly, requesting that passengers show a valid and current student ID at the very least.