Editorial: Student schedules are too full

For many courses and activities, students are required to miss portions of other classes.  This is true in several music courses, including the band, orchestra, and choir.

These students are required to attend a certain amount of sectionals, which are smaller classes with more individualized instruction.

Often, these sectionals force students to miss important classes in which the work could be hard to make up at home.

This causes a problem for many students, as missing these classes could lead to future problems, including not understanding lessons as well as if they were able to attend the class.

Sometimes, the classes that are missed include crucial concepts or information that just wouldn’t be taught the same if they were read in a book.

If it is okay to miss class and do the work elsewhere, then what would be the point of going to class in the first place?

When a student learns on his or her own, there is a risk of comprehending things differently, which can become an issue.

When students enroll in more difficult honors and advanced placement courses, students can not afford to miss class as easily, and teachers are less willing to let students go.

Another problem is that if a student is not able to go to enough of the required sectionals, they are penalized by receiving a lower grade.

This is still the case if they had a test, or if the teacher said no.

Although the music department has made an effort to make it so students don’t miss the same class, it still isn’t enough.

This problem also has a fairly simple solution.  Sectionals could still be available during the school day, but students shouldn’t be allowed to miss class to go, and should go if they have an off period at that time.

The other sectionals could be completed in the morning, before classes start, in a system similar to how physical education classes are made up when missed.

There are also other circumstances in which students are required to miss class time, including when representatives from colleges visit, and when students are planning an assembly, such as a pep rally.

These aren’t necessarily as bad, considering they only occur on occasion.  Sectionals are scheduled nearly every week.

In short, it is inconvenient to missclass for requirements such as sectionals.