New security is worth the inconvenience

On the first day of school this year,  students were notified that using any  door other than the main entrance is  prohibited.  Although this policy has caused  widespread anger and frustration, it is ultimately a necessary inconvenience in order  to guarantee the safety of all students.

Security in schools has become a recurring  issue faced throughout the nation as was  exhibited by recent tragedies such as the Sandy Hook shooting.

Although people have different opinions about the best way to address these issues, keeping students protected is of utmost  importance.

Many students are  aware that safety considerations outweigh personal  burdens.

“Personally, I am ready to support any protective measures Schreiber’s administration takes,” said junior Olivia Mann.  “Let’s admit it, society has changed, and we should be thankful that Schreiber’s administration is willing to put a lot of funding and effort into keeping us as safe as possible.”

These concerns are reiterated by the parents, who are gratified that the school is taking more steps to protect their chidlren.

Having only one  entrance,  monitored at all times by  members of administration and a security  camera, permits the school to be aware  of everyone who enters and exits the  building.

As Schreiber has had trouble for years keeping underclassmen on campus, these new safety procedures also prevent immature students sneeking off into potentially dangerous situations. Underclassmen have not had the experiences that older students have had and might be unprepared to act approppriately in an emergency situation.

In case of an emergency, it is vital for the administration to know the whereabouts of the entire student body.

The fact that side doors are locked causes many students to have to walk around  the building or enter the building much  farther away from their classes. Some students think that this new policy  doesn’t provide enough increased security  to justify the inconvenience caused by  having to use the front door.

Recent concerns have also been brought up about the overall security of the buiding, since many of the doors are rusty, windows are not secured, and locks are not routinely changed.

Despite this, it is clear that the incovenience is worth the added safety.

“I understand it might be a little crowded with everyone coming in at the same time, but in terms of safety it’s better to have only one entrance open,” said freshman Diana Brennan.

As the country has seen too many times in recent months, tragedies are unpredictable and can strike in any way.  While it is impossible to guard against every danger in a public space, it is gratifying that increased efforts are being taken to fortify Schreiber’s deffenses.

At the end of the day, it is ultimately the school’s  priority to make sure that students are  able to attend classes in a safe learning environment. Even with such inconveniences, it is better safe than sorry.