Captain’s Corner: Boys Soccer

Aaron Bosgang, Contributing Writer

Boy’s Soccer with Luke Rizzo, Shogo Yamamoto, and Eren Alkan


Aaron Bosgang: Hi guys, thanks for coming out. To begin, can you describe how you started playing soccer?


Shogo Yamamoto: I was five when I first started playing soccer.  I just really love the


sport and it’s a great way to make new friends.


AB: How do you guys feel the new additions will complement the team’s success?


Luke Rizzo: Well, for starters, I think that they are all able to play on the varsity level,


which is huge.  Being a captain, my goal for them now is to make them feel comfortable


with playing at such a high level.  Also, the sophomores are making a huge difference and


it has been shown the past few games.


SY: George Zhirzhan is the only freshman on the varsity team, and he had no trouble


fitting right in.


Eren Alkan: When it comes to practice, no one is slacking off, and that goes for the


freshman just as much as the upper classmen.  So, sometimes we’ll see a challenge


between different classes and it’s cool to see that competitive spirit in practice because


that only means we can work harder during games.


AB: While on the subject of performance in games, do you guys have any traditions that


everybody does to get pumped up?


LR: We do this one thing where we huddle in the middle of the field on one knee and we


have a talk about what we need to do to win that game.


AB: Cool.  In addition to winning some games, what are some goals that you guys have


for this season?


LR: We really want to be competing in the Nassau County Championship.  Last year, we


lost in the semifinals by giving up four goals in the second half.


SY: So we are really hoping to finish the season on a good note this time.


EA: I think that as long as we emphasize staying focused in practice, then we have a


good shot at the championship.


AB: Sounds good.  Finally, what would you say is your favorite part about being a captain?


EA: Well, I really like doing the coin toss, but also I like playing with such a great group


of kids.


LR: Bouncing off of what Eren said, it’s great to see kids improve and work hard.


Working with people who have a true passion for the sport is just awesome and that’s


probably my favorite part of being a captain.