iPhone 5s joins the apple tree

iPhone 5s joins the apple tree

The thinner iPhone 5s had the greatest amount of sales on its release day compared to previous iPhone models.

Harry Paul, Photo Editor

On Sept. 20, Apple released the latest in its line of revolutionary smart phones, the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s, which Apple describes simply as “forward thinking,” is less of a major revamp of the product line and more of a sophisticated older brother to the iPhone 5.

It features a 64-bit processor, the first of its kind in a cellphone. Apple claims that speed has been doubled, but that remains to be seen.

For all the Schreiber instagrammers, the phone features an updated camera with apertures as wide as f2.2, and a double-lit lamp that uses both white light and amber light to give photographs a more realistic mood.

The most talked-about feature, however, is the update to the mundane home button, which now contains a fingerprint sensor. Used to unlock the phone and make iCloud purchases, the data from this chip (which can house up to 5 different fingerprints) is never stored on the internet and is supposedly “un-


“That Touch ID feature is so cool! It is definitely the deal breaker for me! I can’t wait to use it!” said senior Jack Weinkselbaum.

The pricing stayed the same as the iPhone 5, with three models available: 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399. Apple compensated for their high prices with the introduction of a low-cost iPhone, the 5C. Rumors of this plastic iPhone have been circulating for a few months. The tech community has been speculating on such a model as a way for Apple to increase its market share in developing countries.

The iPhone boosts something even better than durability and affordability –customization. For the first time in history, Apple has gotten into the $2.2 billion case market, with a series of 6 different leather cases. These cases have a series of Swiss cheese like holes in the back, allowing for the back of the phone to show through. Available in 30 different color combinations, it has never been easier to make an iPhone your own.

The arrival of two new iPhones caused the largest opening weekend in Apple history, with 9 million units sold. This emphasizes the excitement people have over Apple releases, and proves that Apple is here to stay.