Practice offers an alternative way to exercise a healthy lifestyle

Penina Remler, Managing Editor

My two-year gym membership was about to expire.  An email alerted me that I had limited time left to renew my student subscription, and I was unsure what to do.  Would I spend the next two years reluctantly training on the same old gym equipment or was it time to consider a change?  I went with the second option, and decided to ditch the gym for the time being.

For about two weeks, I indulged in my inner couch potato and caught up on the television series I had been meaning to watch, the movies I had been waiting to see, and just about anything unrelated to the word “exercise.”  The inactivity began to catch up with me and a sense of self-motivation arose.  This brought me to Practice, the perfect place to put excess energy to use.

Practice first opened its doors in May 2013, and debuted as an educational and wellness retreat.  After undergoing an extensive renovation, Practice opened with a spacious layout and soothing ambiance that is likely to distract you from the fact that you are only minutes away from the town of Roslyn.

“Practice provides calming and comfortable setting where your stress level is likely to fall the instant you walk through the door,” said junior Rachel Stern.

The business was created by a group of Port Washington women, including Dr. Lisa Langer, Heather Smith, Lisa Bondy, and Jamie Miller, who  have diverse backgrounds and experience.  After its official grand opening on September 20, Practice has publicized itself as the ideal environment to exercise both your body and soul.

Open seven days a week, Practice offers a range of fitness courses, from yoga, Pilates, and meditation, to psychology services, nutrition, and wellness consultations.  The idea is to provide  variety, so that every customer may find something enjoyable and educational.

Many people hold the misconception that yoga is nothing more than a few deep breaths and a concluding “Namaste.”  However, this is not the case. In fact, yoga comes in several different forms and can be practiced at different levels.  At Practice, one can partake in seventy-five minute classes such as “Align & Divine,” “Deep & Flow,” and “Sweat & Go,” which all revolve around different yoga techniques.

The earliest yoga class is held at 8:15 a.m., and almost every day concludes with a meditation session.  Concerned that you do not own your own yoga mat or appropriate attire?  Practice provides complementary yoga mats for all guests and even sells workout apparel.

Aside from yoga, one may be intrigued by the intricate exercise of Pilates.  At Practice, Pilates is offered in a smaller and more personalized setting with individual machines.  Whether you wish to come to class with friends, or on your own, the trained teachers assess each member with individual care to guarantee the most efficient and healthy workout.

In the spirit of educating ourselves about nutrition, fitness, and all around healthy lifestyle, Practice is an inviting and comfortable environment to give a try.  Those interested in signing up for classes at Practice can do so online or over the phone. Everyone should give Practice a shot, and yoga first-timers are likely to become hooked on the invigorating and rejuvenating experience that it has to offer.