Editorial: Not enough time for fundraising

Bake sales and other fundraisers are held regularly before and after school, usually in the main lobby.  Raising money in school is very effective since students are almost always willing to purchase goods.

However, school adminstrators have applied the state’s regulations to the sale of sweets to fundraising as a whole. Fundraising has now been limited only to before or after school events.

The Schreiber Times believes that rather than only being allowed to fundraise before and after school, students should be permitted to raise money during school hours as well.  Doing so would raise revenue and make advocating for various organizations and extracurricular activities more effective.

To many who participate in clubs or sports, it is essential to raise money whenever given the chance.  Expensive equipment, projects, and events lead to a desperate need for funding.  It is not fair that the school is hindering students’ opportunities to raise money for the betterment of Schreiber and its student body.

As of September of last year, New York State banned the selling of candy and sweets during school hours.  These officials feel that selling and marketing such products impacts students’ choices regarding nutrition and health. Students are educated in health and physical education classes about how to maintain and what constitutes a proper diet.  With this knowledge, Schreiber students are well equipped to decide whether to eat specific foods.

Selling goods requires persuasion and marketing skills.  Fundraising promotes a sense of independence and freedom in students as they deal with money and invent strategies to sell their products.

As a school with a great deal of different clubs and sports, it is surprising that Schreiber does not allow fundraising during the school day. Administrators should commend students for their focus on philanthropy and their desire to help others.

Fundraising during the school day as well as before and after school would ensure that these students are able to continue pursuing their passions. They can also have a postive impact on both the local and global communities.