Editorial: Poor maintenance of school bathrooms

The school has recently made some slight improvements to the bathrooms with the addition of several Xlerator hand dryers throughout the building.  Yet, The Schreiber Times feels that student bathrooms remain rather primitive and contain very little modern technology. The addition of new equipment would make the bathrooms much more sanitary and convenient. The current sinks and hand dryers are inefficent, and waste a lot of energy.

Neighboring districts have installed no-touch sinks, toilets, and soap dispensers. With flu season rapidly approaching, students become extra concerned about hygiene because a bout of the flu could cause them to miss a lot of school. With the rigorious curriculm that Schreiber provides, it is very easy for students to fall behind.

For this reason, The Schreiber Times believes that such technologies would provide greater sanitation and promote a greater degree of responsibility among students who may have otherwise thought to wreak havoc upon the fixtures. The diligent custodial staff would also benefit from not having as much to clean and repair. The Schreiber Times believes that if students are happy with the conditions in the bathrooms, they would much less likely to commit vandalism.

Additionally, bathrooms should remain opened throughout the school day and after hours. Students are often in the building for sports, and clubs well into the evening, and should be able to find a bathroom to use.

Where an occasional crisis may require a certain bathroom to be shutdown, it seems that certain bathrooms are locked more often than they are opened, causing students to miss more class time than necessary. Students should be able to quickly use a bathroom that is updated with hygenic features. Teachers may also be less likely to allow students to leave class if they know it will take them ten minutes.

The Schreiber Times feels that the school should make the condition of the bathrooms a greater priority.