Pumpkin craze continues to dominate fall flavors

Delia Rush, Contributing Writer

Scroll down your social media newsfeed and you are likely to come across a timely montage of all the reasons to love fall:  seasonal wardrobe styles, colorful trees, Thanksgiving inspired recipes and of course the essential flavor of fall, pumpkin.  Throughout the months of autumn, pumpkin flavors thrive in all forms: muffins, coffee, lattes, you name it—pumpkin’s got it.

Starting in October, it is nearly impossible to escape the prevalence of fall marketing.  Due to this year’s rather warm temperatures, the fall fad has been off to a delayed start.  But do not let that interfere with everything fall and its pumpkin flavor have to offer.

Dunkin Donuts has posters in the windows and frequent commercials promoting its pumpkin muffins and doughnuts, pumpkin coffee, and the recently introduced, pumpkin white chocolate latte.  In response, its competitor Starbucks’ offers a pumpkin spice latte to complement the season.

In terms of snacks, Pop-Tarts just came out with a limited edition pumpkin pie flavored Pop-Tart specific for the autumn months.

Local stores such as Coffeed are partaking in all of fall’s fun as well.  “This season we have delicious gluten free pumpkin cookies.  But there are other flavors of fall too, like apple,” said Coffeed employee Caitlin Mannix.  This Halloween,  Coffeed gave treats to those who stop by in their costumes.

Homemade treats also become popular during autumn.  Some recipes are made from scratch with canned or raw pumpkin while others can just be made from boxed mixes.  What is the appeal of pumpkin sweets? Perhaps it is the golden orange appearance these treats possess or the bit of spice followed by sweet when you bite into them.

“Of course, summer is an amazing season but by September, school starts and everyone’s ready for crunchy leaves and sweaters, and the release and promotion of pumpkin flavored things just spreads the spirit and kicks off the season,” said senior Erica Andrews.

By the time Thanksgiving hits, pumpkin pie, coffee, candles, cakes, bread, and muffins are in full blast.  Yet, as the pumpkins outside of our neighbors’ homes begin to decay and the trees become truly bare, this pumpkin craze starts to die out.  The cold of winter draws near as the autumn flavors come to a close.  Take an advantage of the fall season, because before you know it we will be onto winter’s peppermint craze.