Zumba workout raises funds for Safety and Substance Abuse Task Force

Tori Finkle and Jessie Moskowitz


Community members recently gathered to shimmy and shake for a good cause.  On Oct. 17, Schreiber hosted a Zumba fundraiser open to all ages in the main gym that was sponsored by the Safety and Substance Abuse Task Force.

“We need help with funding for the task force so we thought this was a fun, healthy, and family friendly way to raise money,” said Board of Education President Ms.  Karen Sloan.

The cost of the fundraiser was $5 for kids, $10 for adults, and $25 for a family pack.  Cash and checks were also accepted by the door and donations were much appreciated.  The class was taught by certified Zumba instructor Ms. Rachel Drossman and Guggenheim teaching assistant Ms. Linda Cicchetti.

“It is a really good fundraising idea because it is a fun and healthy way to raise money for a good cause,” said sophomore Tracy Naschek.

The Safety and Substance Abuse Task Force aims to help enforce a safe and drug-free learning environment that supports student academic achievement.  It is a community group that relies on school and outside funding to promote and support district initiatives and community events regarding educational concerns.  The proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward this cause.

“It is important to bring awareness to these causes because it interests students and will benefit them to make better decisions in their future,” said Athletics Director Ms. Stephanie Joannon.

Zumba, by definition, is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin dance moves and performed primarily to Latin rhythms.  Zumba fitness has quickly grown to become one of the most popular group exercise styles on the planet.  In fact, the workout is reportedly performed by more than 12 million people at 110,000 sites, in 125 countries around the world.  Since Zumba is a form of cardio, it increases heart rate and burns calories.

“I have taken a Zumba class before and it changed the dynamic of my mood,” said sophomore Milan Sani. “I was having the worst day and this form of exercise made me feel happier. I am glad that this is being offered in our school and I think the students will really enjoy the experience.”

The task force committee includes guidance counselors, administrators, HSA members, teachers, and community citizens interested in raising money to help bring in speakers to our schools in order to raise awareness for important causes such as drugs, suicide, safe driving, and bullying.

The profits made off of the Zumba class will act as school-initiated funding and help the Safety and Substance Abuse Task Force in hiring speakers to visit and educate high school students about several significant issues.

Last year, guest speakers Jacy Good and John Halligan were sponsored by the Safety and Substance Abuse Task Force to present at Schreiber.  Good increased awareness about safe-driving, specifically emphasizing the importance of not texting while driving.  Halligan came to Schreiber to tell the story of his suicide victim son, Ryan, in an attempt to bring attention to bullying in order to prevent events like this.

“Suicide is one of many things that can be prevented.  It’s essential to our school to bring in these speakers because bullying is present in our school.  I think it is time for people to be educated about this cause so they can be aware of the consequences of their actions,” said junior Emma Marschall.IMG_7386