Fashion File: Pantone releases updated fall fashion color report


This sketch for the color Mykonos Blue is done by designer Kelly Wearstler.

Caroline Ogulnick, Features Editor

There are specific colors that signify each season.  While many correlate oranges with fall, blues with winter, greens with spring, and yellows with summer, these colors are not always the ones that dominate the seasons.

Pantone, the provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color, produces a Fashion Color Report for each season.  Every report is conducted by a panel of 32 designers, including fashion giants Nanette Lepore, Christian Siriano, and Tommy Hilfiger, and represents the most coveted colors in the fashion industry.

This season’s Fall Color Report is a set of colors named “A Palette of Many Moods.”  There are ten colors within the palette, and cover a wide spectrum of hues: Emerald, Mykonos Blue, Linden Green, Acai, Samba, Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Vivacious, Turbulence, and Carafe.

The Fall Color Report is displayed on Pantone’s website, and allows you to take a virtual tour through the palette.  By clicking on a color, you are brought to a separate page, which is highlighted by one of the designers on the panel, and includes a sketch by that designer of a figure sporting an outfit including the specific color.

Emerald, the first color on the palette, is a deep yet vivid shade of green.  Emerald is a gemstone, and this fall season, the hue is showing up on all types of garments.  Since emerald is a statement color, many may want to stick to emerald accessories, instead of flaunting an all green coat.

Mykonos Blue is named after the Greek Island, Mykonos.  This color resembles a muted indigo, and signifies the ocean that surrounds the island.  As a muted tone, Mykonos Blue is a versatile color for the fall season.  Wearing this color will allow you to complement the brighter hues in the palette.

Linden Green is the third color on the palette.  This shade is a combination of lime and chartreuse, but represents a muted tone as well.  Although toned down, Linden Green is great for accents. Within a dull pattern, the use of Linden Green will make any garment pop.

Acai describes itself simply from its name, as the intense purple depicts the color of an acai berry.  While dark purples are commonly popular during the fall and winter season, Acai is offering a different take on this trend.  This purple adds a richness to the palette, and matches well with any of the deeper or lighter tones.

Samba, illustrated as a brick red hue, is also the name for a Brazilian dance and music genre, which originated in Rio de Janeiro and West Africa.  This color offers a more dramatic take on red, and pairs nicely with the other warn tones in the Fall Color Report.

Koi is another color within the palette that describes itself from its name.  It resembles the decorative coloring of the Japanese koi fish, and exists as one of the statement colors of the Fall Report.  Koi will allow you to counteract the grey tones of fall and winter, and will highlight any outfit.

Deep Lichen Green is a mossy hue that represents one of the dullest colors on the palette.  This is an ideal color for base garments, such as pants or jackets, or even full suits.  Deep Lichen Green blends nicely with both the darker and lighter colors of the season.

Vivacious portrays a vibrant fuchsia.  This color also resembles one of the statement colors for the Fall Color Report, and works well on its own or combined with other tones.  Vivacious mixes especially well with Samba and Koi, and the colors illustrate the classic fall ambiance when worn together.

Turbulence and Carafe serve as the darkest colors on the color palette.  Turbulence, a charcoal gray, and Carafe, an earthy brown, are this season’s alternatives to basic black.  These colors are essential when the winter winds hit, and provide a solid foundation for an ensemble.

Pantone’s Fall Color Report provides a color palette which embodies the most popular colors of this season.  These colors, along with shades and tints of them, will be incorporated into garments throughout this fall and into winter.