New York Jets honor varsity football coach


Football coach Mr. Jamel Ramsay directs the team at a game. Coach Ramsay recently received the New York Jets High School Coach of the Week Award.

Maddie Cohen, Assistant Features Editor

The New York Jets gave Port Washington athletics a special pat on the back this month. Football coach Mr. Jamel Ramsay received the New York Jets High School Coach of the Week Award.  For eighteen years, the Jets have given this award to tri-state area coaches who best serve the interests of the game through the teaching of football fundamentals and the promotion of youth football.

“I was shocked and in disbelief when I received the award,” said Coach Ramsay.  “Really, it’s an honor for all the kids as it recognizes the time and effort they put into football every day.  Wins are great and losses suck; however, ultimately football is a team sport as you build relationships, and learn discipline.”

The Jets have awarded Coach Ramsay with a certificate and the Port Washington Vikings football program $1000.  The athletics department will split the money between the football program and the booster club for extras such as pasta dinners, DVDs, and team support.

“Coach had a great poise and leadership throughout the entire season,” said senior captain Michael Gennusa.  “Whether we were down in a game or had a bad practice, Coach Ramsay was always able to keep the team positive, focused, and fired up.  Ramsay and all our coaching staff have lived their lives around football so their experience was something we all drew from in times in adversity.”

High school football reporter Mr. Mike Quick of the television show A Quick 60 and the New York Jets Community Relations department selects the winner each week.  Coach Ramsay is the second coach from Long Island to win the award this season.  Patchogue-Medford coach Mr. Gary Marangi earned the honor after week 3 of the season.

Athletics director Ms. Stephanie Joannon expressed her approval.

“This award optimizes all that’s good for the program, players, and community.  This time, they got it right and chose a great coach to receive this award,” said Ms. Joannon.

Ramsay hopes the team will continue to build and work off of their success, and that kids develop a real interest in the sport and learn both life lessons and good work ethic.

“I was excited to hear that all his work had been rewarded.  To see that someone as big as the New York Jets organization recognize what Ramsay is doing for the program is huge,” said Gennusa.

Coach Ramsay was born in Queens and moved to Elmont at age 13 where he attended Sewanhaka High School.  He played football since seventh grade and was recruited to C.W. Post on a scholarship.  He played for Long Island University C.W. Post’s football team for four years and was captain of the team in his senior year.

In 2007, Coach Ramsay got his bachelor’s degree in fine arts and began his coaching career.  For two years, he was the assistant wide receivers coach at C.W. Post and played arena football in Albany.

Ramsay went on to coach the JV football team for one year, and has been coaching the varsity team the last three years. He has also owned Port Fitness on Main Street for the last two years with Mr. Jeremiah Pope.

When Coach Ramsay was interviewed for the job as head coach of the Vikings, he discussed his life goals and aspirations, saying, “I hope to own a fitness gym and coach high school football team.”  As of today, Coach Ramsay has made both of  his dreams come true.