No Shave November: the month of the beard


Mr. Sepulvida (top-left), Mr. Pernick (top-right), Mr. Muhlbauer (bottom-left), and Mr. Reynolds (bottom-right) are just a few members of Schreiber’s staff that are participating in this month’s No Shave November.

Cameron Appel, Contributing Writer

Teachers and students have united in growing out their facial hair this month in honor of No Shave November.  The movement all started with Movember, a charity organization that promotes awareness concerning men’s health issues and collect donations for research.

You might be thinking right now, “Okay. So people grow mustaches for money.  How could that make any real difference?”  It is important to note the impact of organizations such as Movember. In the last ten years, Movember raised almost $450 million dollars and there have been over 300 million participants worldwide.

Everyone has their own reason for partaking in this event.

“I am participating because I’m lazy, and also for prostate cancer awareness,” said social studies teacher Mr. Alex Sepulvida.

Mr. George Muhlbauer is participating in No Sahve Novemeber in support of the fight against prostate cancer as well.

It seems that many choose not to shave just to change up their daily routines and facial appearance.

“What man doesn’t want to not have to shave everyday?  Given this opportunity, why wouldn’t I take it? Also, eventually I’ll be wolf-like,” said Principal Mr. Ira Pernick.

So, how exactly did this tradition begin?

Movember originated in Adelaide, Australia, when three guys one day decided that they just really did not want to shave.  They came up with the idea of letting their hair grow for a month to promote awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.  Along with thirty other of their male friends, they collected donations from their community for their efforts.  These men formed an official sounding committee called the Movember Committee.  Other people thought that this sounded like a great idea, and so the idea spread.

There’s a website dedicated to it, named, which encourages people to sign up and take part in not shaving their “Mo’s”.  Through this website, Mo Bros (men who grow their ‘staches for charity) can raise money and awareness.  Now ladies, try not to feel discouraged. On the off chance that you feel the need to take part, you can always be a Mo Sista.  Mo Sistas raise money and get the men in their lives involved in the event.

We have these men to thank for doing their very best to further awareness for men’s health issues.

And if you gentlemen do not wish to grow out your beards and mustaches, do not worry; you are not alone. “I need to shave, early and often.  There is nothing that will keep me from shaving,” said social studies teacher Doug Matina.