Digital Filers

Tessa Peierls , Staff Writer

Due to the popularized “green” initiative, the Port Washington School District has decided to start posting community flyers online. Digitizing public announcements will limit the amount of paper used for printed copies.

For a while now the district has been attempting to go green when possible,” said Assistant Principal Dr. Brad Fitzgerald. “Besides the obvious environmental benefit, it has the complementary benefit of added convenience for those of us who live on computers and cell phones.”

In order to maintain the availability of these flyers to those without access to the internet, hard copies will still be available in the main offices of the schools. Ideally, the amount of paper saved will help the schools both environmentally and financially.

“As a board member of the environmental club, I think it’s a great way to save paper.  It’s also more efficient,” said junior Kim Winter.

But some students feel that because parents and students will no longer receive hard copy notifications, the Port Washington School District will be less informed about community events.

“I think this is a smart way for the school to keep up with the times, but I fear that without actual physical notifications about certain events coming in the mail, we are less informed about what is going on,” said junior Elizabeth Muratore. “Overall, it’s just easier a lot of the time to read a piece of paper and instantly know what’s going on.”