Pajama wear is stirring more than pillow talk: Slouchy pants and chiffon sets are among the most popular of the sleepwear inspired trend

Caroline Ogulnick, Features Editor

During the cold winter months, it is likely for students to show up to school in their most comfortable pair of sweatpants and a chunky sweater.  While this is usually not the most fashion forward ensemble, when the temperature is below freezing it is not ideal to squeeze into a tight pair of jeans.

This winter season, a new trend had risen, which will surely be attractive to students fighting the harsh winds on their way to school. “Pajama wear” allows you to stay cozy and casual, yet remain fashionable at the same time.

One of the most popular items in the pajama wear trend are slouchy sweatpants.  These aren’t your normal baggy and body-widening sweatpants, however.  These trending pants are waist hugging and tight around the upper leg, and become loose around the lower leg.  Most pants also have elastic or become more fitted at the bottom, so that you can adjust the pants to change how slouchy you would like them to be, or to make them a different length.

Slouchy sweatpants are being produced in all colors, but are mostly shown in dark hues such as gray and black.  Many brands are changing up this casual item by adding on zippers, side-paneling, and leather accents.  These sweatpants can be worn with almost anything in your closet, from a classic white t-shirt and flannel, to a cropped metallic sweater.  Although pajama wear seems like it can only be worn casually or while you’re getting in to bed, you can easily dress it up with fancier items.

Chiffon pajama sets appear old-fashioned, but this is another item that is emerging in the pajama wear trend.  Whether you decide to wear the full set or flaunt the pants and top individually, these sets are being exhibited in top designer boutiques and magazines around the world.

Although you are used to seeing these silky pieces as sleepwear, fashionistas are spicing them up by sporting them with motorcycle jackets and heels.  The chiffon gives off an effortless look and can be worn as the focal point of an outfit or simply for layering.  Unlike slouchy sweatpants, these sets are more commonly produced in bright colors and patterns.

The pajama wear trend is being displayed in high end boutiques, along with department stores and local shops.  Prices cover a wide spectrum, so you won’t have to completely empty your wallet in order to be a part of the fad.  Pajama wear is versatile, so whether you want to wear a pair of slouchy sweatpants to be comfortable or to be on trend, you’ll get double the benefit, while putting in half of the effort.