Wifi Change

Crystal Ren, Staff Writer

In a turn of events that has gone more or less unnoticed, technology director Mr. Ryan Maloney has engineered a change in the current WiFi system.

The new district technology director first came up with the idea of updating the WiFi system as part of a broader initiative aimed at improving the school’s technological service.

“This updated WiFi will have different access levels for students and staff, allowing for more people to access what they need in a more effective manner,” said Assistant Principal Mr. David Miller.  “Sometimes making things more efficient on the technological end may not cause an earth shattering difference, but it will lead to greater productivity and efficiency.  And that in itself can be seen as a success.”

A few of these humble changes that may appear in the future include the ability for staff to view and edit work folders using WiFi, which would allow for increased accessibility and convenience.

Many students, however, feel that these changes are not significant or particularly beneficial.

“There isn’t really much change for the students. It’s probably more for the staff,” said junior Carmen Kam.  “In any case, it is very nice that there’s now full school WiFi coverage.  We didn’t have that two years ago.”

“As for content allowed by the system, current filters on the WiFi are pretty rigid,” said Mr. Miller.  “The new system will have more appropriate filters.  The WiFi system is going to be run almost like that of an hotel.”

For some, even these changes seem futile.

“There are always going to be kids who find their ways around the filters. Also, with 4G, WiFi isn’t really necessary,” said junior Gabby Robinson.  “Although faster WiFi would be a nice thing to see in the future.”

In the meantime, still no word on whether or not YouTube will remain blocked.