Live from New York, Seth Meyers takes Late Night


Penina Remler, Managing Editor

As Jimmy Fallon will soon graduate into Jay Leno’s seat onto The Tonight Show, it is time for a fresh face to don the Late Night crown.

Starting Feb. 24, Saturday Night Live (SNL) head writer and cast member Seth Meyers will take over the position, making him the fourth man in over 30 years to sit at the desk in NBC Studio 6.

Meyers is best known for his eight years as an anchor of SNL’s “Weekend Update” segment, a position that was once held by his Late Night predecessor, Jimmy Fallon.

Inevitably, Seth Meyers will be compared to his highly acclaimed and talented forerunners. In order to make a successful television host like Letterman, O’Brien and Fallon, one needs the perfect combination of humor, wit, knowledge, and originality.

Luckily for NBC, Meyers has exuded a surplus of these characteristics during his 13 years on both the  writing staff and acting cast of SNL.

Meyers’ ability to deliver every day news with witty punch lines that walk the border along people’s insecurities makes Meyers a compelling candidate for the job.

Seth Meyers’ ability to deliver crudeness confidently makes him an asset to America’s oldest major broadcast network.

One favorable aspect of Meyer’s “Weekend Update” (which is now co-anchored by Cecily Strong) is the presence of fellow comedian performers—a tradition Seth Meyer’s insists on bringing to Late Night television.

Meyers has already asked his former Weekend Update co-host Amy Poehler to appear as the show’s first guest.

Though fans are certainly sad to see Seth Meyers’ departure from SNL, we can all expect to see the same style of satirical humor on Late Night with Seth Meyers.