Dear @SchreiberSmack, #smackoff

Penina Remler, Managing Editor

As we approach a completely revised midterm schedule filled with the most assessments yet, the majority of Schreiber students are cramming to find answers to study guides in the hopes of acing their upcoming tests.

However,  there seems to be one communal question which cannot be confirmed in any of our textbooks-  @SchreiberSmack: who are you and what are you doing wasting your time bashing on the entire student body?

It started on January 22nd, the first snow day of 2014 and the downfall of many Twitter news feeds.

Most students enjoyed their snow day by baking cookies or building snowmen.

Nearly all of Schreiber was snowed in and one obxnoxious student decided to take bullying to the twitter sphere. This single twitter account started to anonymously target students individually.

First it was circulating rumors, then it turned to bashing physical appearances and eventually led to falsely stereotype social groups.

So far these victims are limited to members of the junior and senior classes, though who knows what else is in store?

As a growing amount of students are devoting their attention to the current situation, the student behind this account has used this publicity to bring more and more students down.

It is not only embarrassing, but also pathetic that a member of the Schreiber community would willingly approve of bullying others  and providing peers with the opportunity to join in.

In this day and age, we are all too aware of the consequences of bullying. Every time we turn on the television there is an abundance of reports concerning young adults commiting suicide after being subject to severe bullying. Even with programs and assemblies to warn us about the severity of bullying, somehow the conflict persists.

For some, @SchreiberSmack may seem like an overstated exaggeration, but it definitely should be taken seriously. As a whole, Schreiber’s student body can not condone to this type of behavior.

We are all dying to know, who is the culprit behind all of these false accusations and what does their activity say about Schreiber as a whole?

The lack of positive reception to the Tweets show that at least we are not in general stupid enough to find humor in the embarassing missteps of our peers.  Evidently, though, somebody is.

So @SchreiberSmack, the next time you wish to tweet something insulting, don’t forget to hashtag “#dignityact!”