Fashion File: This winter, fur is making a ferocious comeback


Jeff Thibodeau

Blogger Danielle Bernstein is shown below flaunting a white fur coat.

Caroline Ogulnick, Features Editor

Staying warm is the main goal during the winter season.  While some prioritize fashion over comfort, with this year’s temperatures, skin-bearing ensembles are simply unreasonable.  Many will gravitate toward materials such as wool, cashmere or fleece to shield their bodies from the cold. Although it is typically a popular trend during the winter months, fur is taking more forms than usual this season.

Buying fur is extremely expensive, especially when you are on a high school budget.  Clothing with real fur can cost hundreds of dollars, and a coat will be priced at $1000 minimum.  In addition to price, real fur needs to be properly cared for in order to keep it in mint condition.  There is no throwing these items into the back of the closet at the end of the season, because they need attention all year round.

Though faux fur can still be pricey, it is a great alternative that will keep you on budget and on trend.  Coats are the most common fur items produced during the season, but this year, fur is taking over all ends of the fashion spectrum.  From jackets and vests to bags and shoes, fur is appearing everywhere.

While fur is widely known for its warmth, it is also known for its versatility.  Most fur items are produced in neutral colors, such as brown, beige, white and black.  The neutral colors allow you to add fur to any outfit, and mix it with different patterns.  Although it is not as common, fur can also be dyed a color. Some of the most common colors that fur is being displayed in are deep tones of purple, red, blue and green.

Fur accessories are all the rage this season. Fur is used to accent bags and shoes, and even jewelry.  It seems quite normal to have fur detailing on a pair of boots, but fur slip-on sneakers, which are being exhibited by top designers and sported by fashion icons, are under the spotlight this winter.  Fur accents on bags are becoming increasingly popular as well, as they add a subtle yet unique flair to an outfit.

Investing in fur, whether it be real or faux, is essential this winter.  Fur apparel and accessories immediately enhance an ensemble, and provide comfort and warmth, which is necessary during the winter months.  If you are looking for real fur items, department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, or Nordstrom will be the locations to look.  For faux fur, lower-end department stores and boutiques including Zara and Urban Outfitters will help you in your search.

The fur trend is unleashing the ferocious side of the fashion industry, and will continue to have a fierce impact throughout the cold winter months.