Captains’ Corner: Girls Bowling, Olivia Maus and Vera Puglisi

Kyle Cohen, Staff Writer


Kyle Cohen: Thanks for joining me Olivia and Vera.  How did the season go compared to your expectations before it started?


VP: Well, there were a lot of new girls who joined, which was helpful because  we lost five seniors last year.


KC: Welcoming a new team is fun.  When did you two start bowling with the varsity team?


Olivia Maus: I started in my sophomore year.


VP: And I did in my freshman year.


KC: How do you approach every bowling match?  Do you have any rituals to get your mind in a certain state?


VP: I try and go in with a positive attitude and focus on the game, but remembering to just have fun is always important.


KC: How did coach Mr. Kevin Braddish help you to better yourselves as bowlers throughout the season, and your careers?


OM: He really helped to keep us focused.  He always reminded us to have fun.


VP: He would watch me bowl, see what I was doing wrong, and then help me fix my mistakes with constructive feedback.


KC: I know being a captain comes with a lot of extra responsibility.  How was your experience as captains this past season?  Was it harder than you had originally thought it would be?


OM: It was nice having the younger players look up to us and ask for help.


KC: Do you guys feel more pressure in a sport like bowling because it is only you, rather than a team sport?


OM: The team scores are added together and you win based on whether your teams combined score beats your opponents, so it is like a team sport.


VP: For me, there’s not really that much pressure.  The only thing is trying to keep up with your teammates.


KC: How much of being a successful bowler is a part of your mental games?


OM: I think you have to stay focused, but at the same time you still have to have certain skills to be a successful bowler.


VP: It’s mostly mental.  If you aren’t focused, or you’re having a bad day, you won’t bowl as well as someone who’s focused.


KC: Thanks for your time!


VP: Thanks for having us!


OM: Bye!