Editorial: Towing due to snow

Since even before Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, students, parents, and teachers alike have complained about the snow and the cold weather.

With a few warmer temperature days interrupting the continuous below freezing temperatures, what began as a beautiful fluffy landscape of snow has transformed into infinite platforms of ice.

As a result of this ice, some of the student body has had trouble with transportation.

Those who drive themselves to school are stuck in an especially bad position because the original lack of Montfort parking spaces has resulted in even fewer spots with many blocked by ice.  Students had been forced to pray for a spot even when there was no snow.

Now, with even fewer spots, more students are dismayed upon noticing, with no prior warning, that there are no spots in the morning.

With an increasing number of parkers, Rite Aid workers grew suspicious.  Thus, more than six student drivers have recently had their vehicles towed.

While recognizing that it may be difficult to clear the Monfort parking lot, The Schreiber Times feels that the Schreiber administrative staff should acknowledge that the level of student inconvenience has elevated extensively with the icy conditions and aggravated Rite Aid employees.

Administration should work on further organizing the parking situation whether they accomplish this by limiting the number of parking passes they hand out or by other means.

Additionally, The Schreiber Times suggests that students remain wary of the fact that parking may be difficult and plan accordingly.  Students should have a backup plan in case they get a late start.

As a whole, The Schreiber Times understands that it may be difficult to reject students hoping to obtain parking passes; however, something must be done to end student inconvenience.