ESL Students tell their story

I am from Chile and I have been in this country for one year.

My country has many special things like Easter Island, mountains, no poisonous animals, and good land for skiing. The food is very special because each person has unique recipes. It also is a paradise and has a beautiful city.

The most difficult thing was to get a visa so you can enter.

It was also difficult to leave my parents because they are my life. Above all I miss my mom. It is so hard to live without them. You can become accustomed to the food and people here but you will always miss your family.

I like to ski and swim and when I am doing that I forget about everything. I only hear the small sound of the skis on the ice. When I am swimming the water is moving and it is relaxing.

Additionally I like to play flute, violin, cello, and I love theater. I like to make friends and share with them. I love to listen to Bob Marley and hip hop. I listen to pop when I’m with my friends.

I also love to cook and I care about other’s feelings.

I love New York City because it is very beautiful and the people here are respectful and kind. There are also many opportunities to study.

-Estefania Moscoso


I am from Guatemala and I have only lived in the United States of America for six months.  My country is very special because it has the pyramids that were constructed by the Mayans, lakes, many volcanoes and mountains and their foods and traditions.

My favorite part of America is New York. I like it because you have the opportunity to study and further yourself in life. It is also a country without violence and a lot of security to live here.

The most difficult part about leaving Guatemala was getting permission to enter the United States so that I would not have legal problems in this country. Thanks to the kind people who considered my paperwork and gave me permission to come to this country. Although it was difficult to leave my family, friends, country, and parents, I give thanks for the opportunities in America and for being able to learn English.

For me, it is special to study English and live in America and know new places and have new friendships and teachers who help me with my life. I also know that my parents are very proud of me.

-Daniella Garcia


I am from El Salvador. I have lived in the United States for two years.

A special thing from my country is the food and the beach.

It is really hard to live here because I left my family and my friends. I got a little nervous when I took the airplane to come here with my little brother because just my brother and me came to the United States.

Some special things for me are dancing, singing, and helping people. I like to be friendly and generous.

I am happy because my teachers Ms. Goldstein, Ms. Choit, Ms. Barbieri, Ms. Decker, Ms. Fran, and Ms. Leeds help me so much.

My favorite thing in America is the school because I learned English. I also like New York because it has a lot of restaurants and I like all of the foods.

-Roberto Leiva