Fashion File: Seven trends to look out for this upcoming season

Caroline Ogulnick, Features Editor

Although spring is not right around the corner as we would hope, it is never too early to start your spring cleaning and shopping. This past fall, there were seven trends that dominated the Spring 2014 runways: Graphic prints, florals, fringe, pastels, crop tops, metallics and pleats. These trends are beginning to pop up across the country and around the world, and will debut when this spring hits.

Graphic prints allow you to make a bold statement. Whether it be in words, shapes or colors, simple t-shirts and sweatshirts are being embellished with unique designs, transforming them into head-turning apparel. Graphic prints are not for everyone, and sometimes call too much attention to an outfit. This trend, however, will definitely put you center-stage this spring.

Florals are always a spring favorite. Although this print is timeless and quite usual during warm weather seasons, you can’t go wrong with flaunting a pretty floral ensemble. Complete floral dresses and skirts allow you to take a more “girly” approach to the trend, but if you want to switch it up, try out a full floral pant-suit. This trend is easy to wear, and will freshen your spring wardrobe.

Fringe is a fun and daring trend. This trend is often correlated with a Bohemian-style look, paired with crochet and tribal prints, that one would wear to a summer-time music festival. For this season, fringe is not being styled how it usually is. More formal outfits and even evening dresses are displaying fringe, adding a different flair to the typically casual trim.

Pastels embody this upcoming season. The most popular are baby blue, lilac and light pink, which resemble the soft colors that show up during springtime. Whether you wear the colors, as a top, bottom, or accessory, they will allow you to fit right in, and can be paired with any other trend of the season.

Crop tops are not often seen as a “high fashion” item. During the fall, however, these mini-shirts were exhibited on the spring runways by many top designers. This season’s crop tops are matched with high waisted culottes and full skirts, which are usually constructed in the same pattern or color as the top.

Metallics are a show stopping trend, but can be down played by combining it with more muted tones. Silver, gold, and a recently popular rose gold are being shown for this spring, and offer a twist to typical matte ensembles. If you’re interested in being in the spotlight this season, flaunting a metallic piece will hit the spot.

Pleats add a preppy touch to this season’s most coveted trends. Pleated skater skirts, chiffon blouses, and mini dresses are among the prominent items that are being produced in this trend. Pleats give an outfit movement, and give you a lighter feel, which replaces more form fitting clothes that are unappealing in the heat.

During the spring, you can’t to wrong with these seven trends. Start your shopping now so you revamp your wardrobe for the upcoming season!