A guide of New York City’s top destinations for quick pickup desserts

Living on Long Island certainly has its perks.  It is close to New York City, the number one place to find quick dessert spots that will satisfy your sweet tooth.  The city is home to countless bakeries, food trucks, and pastry shops, so no matter which street you walk down, you are guaranteed to come across a spot that will kick your craving.

Take, for instance, the Cronut.  The combination of a croissant and doughnut is a dessert craze that has taken over the city, and attracted thousands to the unique Dominique Ansel bakery in Soho.

Dominique Ansel, the owner of the bakery, has received much praise since its opening in 2011.  He continues to wow customers with his other inventions such as the frozen S’more, the magic soufflé, and his most recent and raved about creation, the milk and cookie shot.

Although waiting on line for the milk and cookie shot along with the Cronut can be a bit overwhelming (considering the wait can reach up to three hours), many argue that the long line boosts anticipation for creations that rarely disappoint.

“Waiting on this line seemed a bit ridiculous at the time but in the end it was 100% worth it. The flavor Cronut I had was fig mascarpone, but the flavor varies from month to month,” said sophomore Lyndsay Dalimonte, a proud survivor of the three hour wait.

If you are less patient, Dominique Ansel bakery also offers other delectable desserts such as their one of a kind black and blue pavlova and cotton soft cheesecake.  For these desserts along with various others, you can walk right through the door without a wait.

One of the most unique things about New York City is the presence of gourmet food trucks.  From cupcakes and frozen yogurt, to waffles and crepes, these food trucks supply delicacies that are easy to pick up and are perfect to stop by if you’re in a hurry.

Craffles is a fine dessert truck located between Spring Street and Broadway over the weekend, and makes its way to other parts of the city throughout the week.

The creators of Craffles, Nick, Radik, Ilya, and Daner, offer affordable, great tasting, crepes and waffles (with fresh toppings of course) that are made right in front of the customer’s eyes.

“We are among one of the finest trucks in the city, considering we are the first truck to specialize in waffles and crepes!  We are like no other!” said Zack, a chef working in the truck.

Craffles is definitely a quick and easy dessert spot that gives you the satisfaction you need without spending too much time and money.

Arguably the best and most well known cookies in the city are Insomnia cookies.  The name stems from the fact that the store fronts are open for business and delivery to anywhere in the city as late as 3:00 a.m.

The concept of these cookies came from Seth Berkowitz, a college student who realized that when you are craving something sweet at night, there are not many places that are open.

There are over 40 store locations throughout New York City, and a range of different flavored cookies are offered in each one.  Some of their most popular flavors include S’more’s deluxe, chocolate peanut butter cup, and snickerdoodle. Along with cookies, they also sell frozen desserts, brownies, and cookie cakes.

If you are looking for a dessert place with more unusual choices on its menu, then Momofuku Milk Bar is the place for you.  With five locations in the city, Momofuku has become one of the most talked about dessert spots.

“Everywhere I go, all I hear is crack pie, or cereal milk, or compost cookie.  It keeps a smile on everyone’s face, mine included,” said founder and chef Christina Tosi.

Momofuku Milk Bar has become known for their unique cereal milk.  The Cereal Milk soft-serve tastes like the milk left at the bottom of a cereal bowl, only creamy and frozen.  You can add on a buttery, cereal crunch which really boosts the flavor.  They also sell cereal milk in the form of milkshakes or even just in an ice cold glass that has a regular milk consistency.

Another extremely popular Momofuku creation is the birthday cake truffle.  This bite size cake ball is a Momofuku delicacy.  The sprinkle-filled cake condensed treats melt in your mouth the instant you take a bite, and since they only come in packs of threes, you are always left wanting more.

Among the most popular New York City desserts is the cupcake.  There are many bakeries competing to own the right to the best cupcake in the city, yet Magnolia Bakery definitely holds a spot at the top of the list.

Although cupcakes are not the only thing they sell, they are one of the main attractions that lure people through their doors.  Some of their most popular cupcakes include red velvet, vanilla, buttercream, and their current cupcake of the month, pistachio. These cupcakes have the ideal proportion of frosting to cake, which makes every bite a perfect one.

Other specialties include lemon bars, cranberry chocolate chunk cookies, and banana cream pudding.

“Their banana pudding is the best thing I’ve ever had in the entire world! It never disappoints!” said sophomore Dani Katz, a regular customer.

Whether you’re interested in cupcakes, a quick bite of a crepe, or waiting in line for the newest Dominique Ansel dessert craze, New York City is filled with quick pickup dessert spots that can match anyone’s most desired cravings.