Captains’ Corner: Ryan Bollerman and Matt Sica, Baseball

Ben Landau, Contributing Writer

Ben Landau: I’m here with Matt Sica and Ryan Bollerman, the captains of varsity baseball.  How are you guys doing?


Ryan Bollerman: I’m great!


Matt Sica: I’m feeling good.  Let’s do this!


BL: Okay!  So, when did you first start playing, and why did you choose it as the sport that you wanted to stick with?


RB: I started when I was five.  I started playing because it was my dad’s favorite sport and I have always loved it since.


MS: Yeah, I was young when I started too.  I think I was about four or five.  I used to play catch with my dad a lot, and that made my love for the game grow.  I guess I was just brought up playing baseball and I just kept playing all throughout my childhood.


BL: Great!  What do you want the team to accomplish this year?


MS: I would love if our team did well this season and made the playoffs, and if we did well in the playoffs, that would be awesome.


RB: Yeah, I want our team and the program just to get better as a whole, and winning a championship wouldn’t be bad either!


BL: That’s awesome. Hopefully you guys will bring home a title!  Well, in order to win games, the team will needssome motivation.  How do you guys motivate and pump up the team before big games?


RB: I think we just keep reminding them that this is the best baseball team that Schreiber has had for the past four years.  I always tell them that they need to prove themselves and make people believe that our team is the best.


MS: Yeah, I tell them the same thing.  Also, I like to say that we can beat any team in our conference to raise the team’s morale.


BL: That sounds like it would get me pretty pumped up before a game.  Okay, do you guys have one favorite professional baseball player in particular?


MS: I’m a Yankee fan and I’ve always loved Derek Jeter.  He just seems like the perfect player, leader, and teammate.  He’s a real role model for kids who love baseball because he’s not just a great player, but he also has a great attitude and he seems like an awesome person.


RB: I’ve always been a Mets fan and my favorite player is David Wright.  I just like his style of play and how he leads the team.  He would be an awesome teammate to have on any team.


BL: Both those guys are great.  I have a lot of respect for Jeter, but I’m a Mets fan too, so I like David Wright.  Last question: since this is your last year playing on this team, how do you plan to make this season special for you guys and your fellow seniors?


RB: Well, I think if we accomplish the goals that we said before, that would make this season really special, and I think all of the seniors on the team would remember it.


MS: I agree.  It would be so sick for us to win a championship, but I think just enjoying ourselves as much as possible would make this season fun.  We want to win, but we also want to have a good time while doing it, especially because we don’t want to look back on our last season as a Schreiber baseball player and remember that it wasn’t fun.


BL: That sounds awesome guys.  Thanks for your time and good luck this season.


MS: No problem, man.


RB: You’re welcome.