Editorial: After school computer usage

Word on the street is that Schreiber is open 24/7.  Or at least it seems to be that way.  It is not unusual to see students standing in the lobby, sitting on the front desk, or casually wandering the halls hours after the last bell rings.

Although many clubs and sports meet soon after the official end of school at 3:05, there are events that take place hours later, during the evening.

For many students, it is inconvenient to go home for only an hour in between these events.  As a result, many opt to remain at school.

Finding themselves stuck at school with nothing to do for hours, students often turn to their homework to pass the time and to reduce the stress of finishing it when they finally get home.

However, the question of how and where to do the homework quickly arises.  Although some of this work can be done by hand, many times students need to use computers to complete their assignments.

This becomes problematic as there are no computer labs open for students to use after school.

The Schreiber Times believes that Schreiber should open at least one computer lab after school to provide students with the option of starting their homework while they remain in the building.

Although the large majority of the student population has access to computers and the Internet, there are some students who do not have this privilege.  Thus, the school computers may be the only option that these students have in order to complete their work.

For other students, the school may provide a better working environment than their homes.

Schreiber is a school that values academic vigor and thus likely sees the value in students’ dedication to their studies.  The Schreiber Times believes that by opening a computer lab during after school hours, this resolution would reduce student stress and foster a safe environment for students to complete their school work.