Editorials: Lack of textbooks in the library

In pursuing the ultimate goal of education that the students, faculty, and administrators at Schreiber wish to attain, having the proper materials becomes a necessity.

However, many times these materials, especially textbooks, are not provided to students.

Although the school library does contain some textbooks, it is a meager selection.

Students often want to get homework done on their off periods and often need textbooks to do so.

Many times when they go to the library and check the shelf for the textbook, they do not find the one they need.

Either another student had already taken the only copy that the library has or the library simply does not have the textbook.

As a result, this student declares that they have no work to do besides the textbook assignment and spends the entire period either doing Rue’s whistle from The Hunger Games or talking to his or her friends much to the dismay of the library’s authority figures.

This deficiency of textbooks affects people who were not even in search of a textbook as the noise level in the libary quickly spirals out of control, due to  the students who instead of doing their work are chatting with their friends.

Additionally, this year it has become even more difficult for students to obtain social studies textbooks.

As of this year, the social studies resource room has restricted the lending of its own textbooks.

Students are no longer allowed to take the textbooks out of the room. The math office has always had a similar policy.

Students are allowed to use the textbooks within the office, but there are often not enough seats for all the students who wish to work there.

This again makes it more difficult for students to be productive during their off periods.

The Schreiber Times, believes that the library should increase its supply of textbooks in order to aid students in completing their school work and to provide for a better working environment.