Elementary student creates colorful bracelets for hospital patients


Guggenheim student Sydney Silverstein wearing her rainbow loom creations.

Tessa Peierls , Staff Writer

Sydney Silverstein, age seven, attends Guggenheim Elementary School.  After a visit to her grandmother in the hospital, Sydney was inspired to create her own charity, called Sydney’s Rainbow Smiles.  Sydney uses her rainbow loom to make bracelets.  She distributes them at hospitals like her grandmother’s.

“I went to visit dad’s grandma, I call her grammy, because she was in the hospital, and I brought rainbow bracelets so I wouldn’t be bored and I’d have something to do.  The nurses kept complimenting them, so I gave them out so that every nurse and doctor had one, and then I made some for the patients and made them feel happy,” said Silverstein.

On her plane ride home from the hospital, Sydney conceived the idea for her charity.

Her mother explained how the charity has spread.

“We go and deliver them personally,” said Ms. Silverstein.  “We can’t see the patients because of the germs, but the hospitals write letters saying how much they appreciate them.  We send them to other states, and mail them in.  Mount Sinai Transplant Hospital reached out to us, and soon Sydney will be going in dressed in scrubs and masks, to teach kids how to make them.”

The charity has grown rapidly over the year, with Sydney as president, and with the help she is receiving from those around her.

Sloane, Sydney’s younger sister, is also involved in Sydney’s Rainbow Smiles.

“I also helped Sydney make the bracelets.  I make bracelets, she makes bracelets, and my mom helps package them up,” said Sloane.

A family friend designed the logo, which is displayed on the charity’s Facebook page.

Silverstein has received recognition for her charity work.  Recently, she has received letters of support and thanks from various public figures, including Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio and Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi.  Sydney’s Rainbow Smiles has also been featured in the Port Washington News.

The Guggenheim student, along with more than one thousand other children, also sent several bracelets to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to be a part of a rainbow loom suit Kimmel wore on the show.

Silverstein is very excited about the recognition she has received from her school.

“The principal announced my name, what class I was in, and announced all about the charity on the loudspeaker,” said Silverstein.

Sydney will continue to make bracelets for people in hospitals and their caretakers, as well as teaching sick children how to make the bracelets themselves.