Fashion File: Taking nail art to the next level

Caroline Ogulnick, Features Editor

Instagram, one of the top trending apps, and nail art, a current fashion fad, are being combined to form a new trend: Instragram nails.

While many people go to the nail salon and asks for a flower in the corner of their index fingers, or white French tips on the end of each finger, nail art is being taken to the next level.

No longer do nail polish-painted pictures suffice. Offered by, nail art and Instagram fanatics are now able to print their favorite pictures on nail stickers, and paste them on their fingers.

For a payment of $18.95, you will receive a manicure set with your chosen pictures, whether they come from your Instagram feed or less recent pictures on the desktop of your computer.

Zazzle names this manicure set “Minx Nails,” which are designed for both fingers and toes. The website states that the manicure should last for about a week, which is similar to the longevity of a normal manicure.

Minx Nails can be applied at home, but can also be applied at a Minx Salon.  has a “Minx Salon Locator,” so that nail enthusiasts can find a salon closest to them.

Although Minx Nails are almost double the price of a regular manicure, buying these stickers for a special event such as a birthday party or prom make the price more reasonable.

You can go all in by printing selfies of you and your best friends, or a classic sunset that reminds you of your recent trip to Florida. You can even opt to print pictures of your dessert last night, so that every time you look at your nails you can be reminded of how delicious looking and tasting it was.

Minx Nails can be removed with regular nail polish remover, and come off as regular nail polish would. If you decide to purchase a set, make sure to #ManicureMonday on Instagram.